About Us

Reliabuilders Construction is the leading general contractor in Twin Cities. We specialize in dealing with storm damage, roofing, windows and siding. For years, we have helped customers rebuild, repair and restore their homes. The combination of our craftsmanship, customer care and industry knowledge makes us the most top contractor in the south metro area.

At Reliabuilders Construction, we focus on customer care. Whether your home has been ravaged by a major storm, or you simply believe it’s time maintain and update your home, we are able and willing to meet your needs. We deeply understand that your home is a part of your livelihood, so we know that you need only the most high quality service that there is to offer.

We speak both the languages of our customers and the insurance companies. Dealing with insurance claims is a hassle, so we take the responsibility of handling the claim with your insurance company. This accelerates the repair and rebuilding process in the event of an unexpected event or emergency (like a major storm).

At Reliabuilders Construction, we have consistently proven that we are more than capable of handling even the most difficult of jobs. When you choose Reliabuilders, you are choosing a totally committed contractor that is dedicated to repairing and rebuilding your home. That’s the advantage that you choose when you work with us, and it’s the quality that makes us superior to other general contractors in the south metro area.